Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Rowland S. Howard RIP

MELBOURNE musician Rowland S. Howard has lost his battle with liver cancer.

He passed away this morning, aged 50.
Howard was waiting for a liver transplant and had cancelled recent shows due to illness.
The influential guitarist came to prominence as a member of Melbourne punk band the Boys Next Door who became The Birthday Party, fronted by Nick Cave.
Howard wrote their iconic hit Shivers, and his guitar skills would inspire a generation to come.
The guitarist was also a member of bands including Crime and the City Solution and These Immortal Souls.
His second solo album, Pop Crimes, was released in October to critical acclaim.
His final gig was at the Prince of Wales in October to launch the album.
In an interview with Rolling Stone to promote the album Howard spoke of his years of poor health.
Howland appeared in this year’s Melbourne punk scene documentary We’re Living on Dog Food, released with the DVD of Australian film Dogs in Space.


  1. tragic he was another vastly underrated man, remember seeing the birthday party in about 81 at the lyceum, it was neubautens first ever gig in the uk and they supported that night.... a real shame he's gone

  2. 2Dray/
    The BP were just astonishing live weren't they? Pretty certain I was at that gig...wasn't Neubauten's first gig that one under the Westway tho?

  3. the BP were awesome live.....mick harvey always seems to get the plaudits for them... and i'm not saying he wasnt important but roland howard was pretty integral to what was going on but doesnt really seem to get the might be right about neubauten and the westway, i thought ithe first one was the lyceum, i followed em around for a while. I once saw em at the hacienda where they stuck a road drill into the wall it was the only gig where i've actually felt threatened by what happened on stage, all those sparks flying into the fornt row from arc welders!.... saw em at north london poly or somewhere where they set fire to the backdrop....ah those were the days heh heh

  4. 2Dray/
    I felt a bit threatened when they started drilling into the support columns of the Westway LOL! NLonPoly...Blixa's bottle o'whisky - a good story for another time!