Monday, 28 December 2009

New Wave of Democracy & Freedom! 冲破堤坝和高墙, 让自由和民主之河流入中国, 伊朗, 阿富汗和加沙地区. 2010, 新一波民主浪潮! #Iran #ch4iran ##iranelection#china#RT
During today’s protests in , as always, saw a surge of from protests in giving updates on the latest developments and using for coordination purposes.
However, this time around, people in China quickly joined Iranians in spreading the word and we witnessed an outpouring of in Chinese reporting on the situation. ‘CN4Iran’ quickly became one of the top ten trending topics on .
The people of China, who like Iranians, live under an oppressive regime are standing in solidarity with freedom fighters of and drawing inspiration from them; one tweet read “Today we free Tehran, tomorrow we take on Beijing”.

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