Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Exile's blog of the year: Memoires of a Heroinhead

"On the 28th October 1975 my mother gave birth to a heroinhead – that was/is me. My father was a young Glaswegian junkie nicknamed Puggy. I was born with heroin in my veins. 7 years after my birth, my father was brutally murdered by infamous British serial-killer Dennis Nilsen. My mother had a breakdown and turned to alcohol... I turned to solitude, vandalism, and violence. At the age of 13 the educational system gave up on me. At 14 I started smoking weed and by 15 I was taking LSD & speed. At 17 I tried Subutex (a heroin substitute) I felt like I had found God. By 24 I was a smack & crack addict and a year later I was injecting. Today I live in Lyon, France and am still a Heroinhead. This is me & these are my memoirs..."
And you thought you had it bad?
Shane's blog is just the most amazingly well written blog out there. Someone really should offer him a book deal. The words will make you laugh and cry (often at the same time).
And from first hand experience I know that there is a life to be had away from the handcuffs of heroin addiction, but I also know that only the user themselves can choose when it is time to give it up.
I know that a lot of you out there will also be put off by the thought that you are going to be reading the inane ramblings of some 'junkie lowlife', but get past that and prepare to read some of the most eloquent & exceptional writing in the blogosphere.


  1. Utterly compelling reading, but not a blog I would ever have looked at without you highlighting it. Thank you Mona!

  2. 2Dray & Mo/
    Glad that you have discovered it...

  3. Hiya Mona,

    Thank you so very, very much... what you say is an honour and touched me lot.

    I keep a little archive of all the compliments (and insults) I find aroud the web and the words you have so kindly written about Memoires will go straight to the top.

    My Thanks once again... & I wish you only the good things for 2010.

    Best Wishes, Shane.

  4. 2Shane/
    I have read every word that you have posted prob at least 3 times Don't think that I have ever commented as I really just do not know what to say to you after some of those posts. Back at you for 2010 man!
    Take care and stay safe!