Thursday, 25 August 2016

DJ Shadow ft. Run The Jewels - Nobody Speak

Faith No More - Live at The I-Beam San Francisco (13/1/86)

Pills for Breakfast
New Beginnings
As the Worms Turns
Arabian Disco
The Jungle
The Crab Song
We Care A Lot
Mark Bowen

Chuck Moseley - vocals
Roddy Bottum - keys
Billy Gould - bass
Mike Borodin - drums
Jim Martin - gtr

'There is no difference between those who force women to cover and those who force them to uncover'

To cover or uncover? Women in France are having their liberties stripped in the name of freedom, while others in the name of religion
Khartoon! by KhalidAlbaih


I want an all-female death metal act, and I want that group to put out the album VAGENDA OF MANOCIDE, and then I want President Clinton to find cabinet positions for each member of the band.
Because I believe in America

'Lest we forget'


France 0 VS 1 L'Écosse

The Bug presents Killing Sound Chapter 1: Dub Mutations

Serious Bass Business!
'I see Dub Mutations as an upgrade of the Macro Dub Infection (1/2/8) aesthetic, which I curated for Virgin Records many moons ago. Again, it gleefully departs from the traditional masters - Scientist, King Tubby etc - and revels in tearing up the rules, and exploring a sea of fx drenched sound. The past, present and future of dub is celebrated, befittingly through the mixing desk. As time travel, deep space and spectral visitations are magically probed, and bass, drum and noise are pushed mercilessly into the red. I guess I wanted to emulate the style of mix I made with King Midas Sound for FACT a couple of years ago, and create a non-linear narrative that‘s challenging and full of surprises, with added layers of sounds/effects, but most of all I wanted to create a mix that would be compellingly fresh. And as ever it’s a sketch of what dub was, is and can be, and how dub can act as a postmodern breakdown of sound - not just a smoker’s delight. Most of all, I wanted to just get lost in the sounds myself. Immerse yourself!'
- The Bug

1/ Frankie Paul - ‘Worries in the Dance’ (Hit Bound)
2/ Version (Hit Bound)
3/ Johnny Osbourne - ‘Love Is Universal’ (Jah Guidance)
4/ Version (Jah Guidance)
5/ Dennis Brown - ‘Don’t Want To Be No General’ (Emmanuel Music)
6/ Version (Emmanuel Music)
7/ Ranking Dread - ‘Hard Times’ (Justice)
8/ Massive Attack ft Horace Andy - ‘Angel’(Blur Remix)(Wild Bunch/Virgin)
9/ Techno Animal ft Jon Hassell - ‘Needle Park’(Virgin)
10/ King Midas Sound - ‘Goodbye Girl’(Unreleased Dub Mix)
11/ Pole - ‘Silberfisch’(Kiff SM)
12/ Monoton - ‘Ein Wort’ (Desire)
13/ HTRK - ‘Chinatown Style’(Ghostly International)
14/ Andy Stott - ‘Violence’(Modern Love)
15/ Kode 9 & The Spaceape - ‘Glass’(Hyperdub)
16/ The Bug Vs Earth - ‘Don’t Walk These Streets’(Unreleased, forthcoming on Ninja Tune)
17/ The Bug - ‘Somnia Loop 1’(Unreleased, forthcoming on Ninja Tune)
18/ Fatal Microbes - ‘Violence Grows’(Small Wonder)
19/ Primal Scream - ‘Living Dub’(Creation)
20/ 23 Skidoo - ‘Gospel Comes To New Guinea’(Fetish)
21/ WE - ‘Secondhand Science’(Wordsound)
22/ Sofa Surfers ft Singing Bird - ‘Beans & Rice’(Klein)
23/ JK Flesh - ‘Conquered’(Electric Deluxe)
24/ Goth-Trad - ‘Grind’(Back To Chill)
25/ Experimental Audio Research - ‘Untitled’(Space Age)
26/ Little Dragon - ‘Only One’(Chopped & Screwed by The Chopstars ) (Adult Swim)
27/ Rhythm & Sound - ‘Imprint’(Rhythm & Sound)
28/ Ø aka Mika Vainio - ‘Taikisin’(Sahko Recordings)
29/ Lukid - ‘Wake Up’(Werk)
30/ Jacob Miller - ‘Baby I love you So’(Yard Music)
31/ Augustus Pablo - ‘King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown’(Yard Music)
32/ King Tubby ft Horace Andy - ‘A Better Version’(Jamaican Recordings)
33/ Michael Rose - ‘No Burial’(Manneseh Remix)(M Records)
34/ Equiknoxx - ‘Last of the Mohicans’(Dubbed & Screwed by The Bug)(DDS)
35/ Al Cisneros - ‘Jericho’(Dubbed & Screwed by The Bug)(Drag City)
36/ Kode 9 & The Spaceape - ‘Ghost Town’(Hyperdub)
37/ King Midas Sound - ‘Who’(Unreleased, forthcoming on Ninja Tune)


An open letter to the Prime Minister on the climate crisis, from 154 scientists

Roger Dean Postage Stamps

Cath Carroll - Moves Like You

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Fish People

Snowden: Leak Of NSA Hacking Tools Are Russia’s ‘Warning’ To The US Government

J.G. Ballard on The End of The World

Everybody talks about the end of the world, but we've actually asked the big question: What will it be like?

Ballard replied...

I dream of: Dying in a car crash with Madonna. Having sex with Hillary Clinton. Appearing in Zapruder frame 313 with Jackie Kennedy. Being transformed into a TV channel. Detonating a nuclear weapon over Disneyland. Having all the whores in Moscow call me on their mobile phones. Seeing time make a new beginning. Persuading Neil Armstrong to return to Earth. Meeting my younger selves on the virtual-reality highways of tomorrow. Being buried under the main runway at London's Heathrow Airport

Apocalypse How? (Spin November 1995)
Illustration: Winston Smith
Thanks David

JK Flesh - Live @Supernormal 2016


Ad Break: The World's Biggest Asshole

...even an asshole can save a life.

Giacomo Carmagnola


Leonard Cohen: Steer Your Way

Steer your way through the ruins of the Altar and the Mall
Steer your way through the fables of Creation and the Fall 
Steer your way past the Palaces that rise above the rot 
Year by year
Month by month  
Day by day 
Thought by thought

Steer your heart past the Truth you believed in yesterday 
Such as Fundamental Goodness and the Wisdom of the Way
Steer your heart, precious heart, past the women whom you bought  
Year by year 
Month by month 
 Day by day 
Thought by thought

Steer your path through the pain that is far more real than you 
That has smashed the Cosmic Model, that has blinded every View  
And please don’t make me go there, though there be a God or not 
Year by year 
Month by month  
Day by day  
Thought by thought

They whisper still, the injured stones, the blunted mountains weep 
As he died to make men holy, let us die to make things cheap 
And say the Mea Culpa, which you’ve gradually forgot  
Year by year 
 Month by month  
Day by day  
Thought by thought

Steer your way, O my heart, though I have no right to ask  
To the one who was never never equal to the task  
Who knows he’s been convicted, who knows he will be shot 
Year by year  
Month by month  
Day by day  
Thought by thought 

So Long, Marianne  (Oslo 1993)

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

'Fucking Obvious' is the middle name of Russian corruption

Any Style

Studio Chronicles: Jamaica

Harry J's

King Jammy's




Tuff Gong Studios: 1Xtra celebrates Jamaica 50

Thor Harris: How to live like a king for very little

1. Don’t smoke cigarettes.
2. Drive old Japanese cars. Easy and cheap to fix & they run for fucking ever.
3. Buy most of your groceries from the produce section. Most of that other shit is not actually food. You don’t need it.
4. Ride your bike instead of driving as much as you can. You need the exercise and gas is expensive.
5. Don’t have kids. They’re not miracles, they’re people. 7 billion is too fucking many. Find some other way to give your dull existence some meaning. BTW they’re expensive.
6. Get your clothes from thrift stores. With the physique you’ll have from riding your bike, you’ll look hot wearing anything.
7. Learn to fix things. Tons of great books and youtube vids on fixing anything. Or ask an old dude. People used to fix things. No shit.
8. Learn a trade – Carpentry, plumbing, electrical, auto mechanics, tailoring, computer/electronics repair, something They can’t fucking outsource. No one gives a shit about your Masters in Dostoyevsky…. fix something, dumbass, fix something!
9. If you like booze, drink at home with your neighbors. Drunk driving is for assholes, rich ones with lawyers.
10. Do people favors. It’s called Cooperation. It’s how the world worked before money. They will return the favor, or someone will. No shit. This really works.
11. Make things – Look around you. What do you see? Yah, shitty stuff made by impoverished enslaved people far away. Pick anything. Make a better one. People want good shit. You won’t get rich, but you’ll get by.
12. If you live in America – don’t get sick and avoid injury. Wear your fucking helmet and put lights on your bike.
13. Find work you love. If you can’t do that, then find a job where you love the people.
14. Junkies and addicts are like toddlers. They just want to shit all over you and everything. The messes they make can get expensive. Avoid them if you can.
15. Don’t buy shit on credit, remember what happened to America? Cash only, fuckers. Can’t afford it? Don’t fucking buy it!
16. Preventable expenses - STD’s, abortions, DWI’s, lung cancer, head injuries, speeding tickets, cirrhosis of the liver.
17. Don’t go on fancy dates if you’re not fancy. Most people kind of despise the rich anyway.
18. When you go see shows, bring a flask in. That way you can afford to buy a record.
19. If you had told me 15 years ago that Coca Cola would put tap water in plastic bottles and motherfuckers would BUY IT …… No fuckin way.
20. Don’t get cable. Asshole. There is nothing on. I promise. $100 a month ? Fuck no!

Thor Harris (Swans, Shearwater) Makes His Ominous Debut with 'Lullaby for Klaus'

Why Europe Can’t Find The Jihadis In Its Midst

Sultans of Gedankenbrain - Intoxicated Man

Kristof Hahn - Guitar, Vocals
Stefan Rocke - Basoon
Mike Strauss - Keyboard
Thomas Wydler - Drums

Gilli Smyth R.I.P.


Dixie Fried

Deadly Headley R.I.P.

Deadly Headley & Adrian Sherwood

Another favourite saxophonist; Alpha Boys' School alumnus Felix Deadly Headley Bennett.
Featuring African Headcharge, Dub Syndicate, Singers & Players, Creation Rebel, Playgroup, Noah House Of Dread, Bim Sherman, Prince Far I, Lee Scratch Perry, Sly & Robbie and the late, greats Rico Rodriguez and Style Scott. Yet another On-U Sound production, Adrian Sherwood at the controls. Deadly Headley in the area

Archie Meets The Ramones

The Riverdale Crew Goes to Rock N’ Roll High School in Archie Meets Ramones

XTC - Let's Make A Den (Previously Unreleased)


Gawker Was Murdered by Gaslight

Sam Shepard’s Spring

The Birthday Party - Nick The Stripper

Number can't beat that really

Monday, 22 August 2016

Bad Blood for the Vampyr (Lysanne Thibodeau 1984)

A vampire in Berlin has trouble finding a virgin. With Blixa Bargeld as the priest

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Daniel Tucceri - Live @The Bendigo Hotel Melbourne (21/8/16)

BIG thanks to Jesse for the photographs
That's about all I can say.
As my friend Alan said:
I thought I'd encountered (Robin Casinader) and even met and even promoted some pretty eccentric piano geniuses from Melbourne down the years (Anthony Pateras). Then this arvo I went to Daniel Tucceri's gig at the Bendigo where he embraced the possibilities of a bashed up upright and belted Mozart, Beethoven, some Metal band I dunno and Mussorgsky all enhanced with wild synth and multi instrument interpretations of a few classics. Best gig in months and months by miles


Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Woodentops - Why Why Why (Lisbon Kid Remix)

The Woodentops - Why Why Why 2016 (Remixes)
In partnership with legendary label Wall of Sound, we are proud to offer the PRE ORDER for a VERY limited run (only 100) of hand numbered CDs for the thirtieth anniversary re-release of the iconic Woodentops classic, "Why Why Why".
Released on 2nd September 2016, you can order your copy now, to be sent out on the day of release (postage FREE in mainland UK).
The Woodentops - Why Why Why 2016
1. Balearic Militant Dub (by Leo Mas & Fabrice)
2. Balearic Rework (by Lisbon Kid)
3. Steve Proctor Remix
4. A WTF Remix (by Trevor Fung & Dan Wainwright)
5. A WTF Acid Dub Remix (by Trevor Fung & Dan Wainwright)
6. Whatever/Whatever Remix (by Justin Strauss & Brian Mette)
7. Spatial Awareness Remix
8. Denis the Nght and the Panic Party Remix
2016 sees the thirtieth anniversary of the release of The Woodentops seminal “Why Why Why” - the record that arguably forged the link between dance music and indie culture.
To celebrate this momentous milestone, epic UK label Wall Of Sound is releasing a special Summer anthem 8 track EP of brand new remixes from artists carefully selected by the band; luminaries from the first time around rub shoulders with rising stars of the new vanguard carrying forward the same Balearic spirit that infused the original.
“Why Why Why” was the sound of a Rough Trade indie guitar band drawn towards all things experimental, electronic, and funk fuelled and becoming further immersed in club culture; thanks to resident DJ Alfredo, the record became an anthem at Ibiza's Amnesia and quickly worked it’s way into the psyche of those who made the pilgrimage there.
And thus, influencing many of the pioneers of UK dance music, the roll of honour of DJs who loved “Why Why Why” is a veritable who’s who – Weatherall, Rocky and Diesel, Carl Cox, Oakenfold, Rampling, Holloway, and many more. The legendary Tony Humphries became a huge fan of the band, after finding a white label promo in a bargain bin and wondering what it might be.
Fast forward to Summer 2016, and leading the charge is Ibiza veterans Leo Mas and Fabrice, distilling the esoteric hedonism of late eighties Amnesia into an eight minute blissed-out epic. Taking the baton, Lisbon Kid (Rui da Silva and Danny Matos) take the Ibizan sunset vibe up a notch for the deep dancefloors. Firmly entering acid house territory, old school stalwart Steve Proctor turns in a bleepy workout for the late night enthusiasts. Two mixes come courtesy of Godfather of the Balearic scene, Trevor Fung; a tough slice of infectiously chugging downtempo house is joined by his Acidic Dub, that strips it all back and ups the 303 quotient. Adding The Woodentops to the breathtaking list of bands they've remixed is Whatever/Whatever (New York City DJ and Production legend Justin Strauss and Bryan Mette), with a ten minute journey to the dark heart of innerspace…
Rounding off the package come two mixes from the new school – Spatial Awareness accentuates the dub elements with an acid soaked odyssey, whilst Italian electro upstarts Denis The Night & The Panic Party take “Why Why Why” apart and rebuild it as a heavy slab of indietronica.

Frank Ocean - Nikes (NSFW)

If this doesn't work go HERE

Men In Chairs
Karma can be a bitch eh?

TONIGHT* Fraudband: Album launch at The Old Bar Johnston St. Fitzroy Melbourne *TONIGHT

Set times:
Doors - 8pm
Bench Press - 9pm
Ohms - 10pm
Digger & The Pussycats - 11pm
Fraudband - Midnight
DJ Paul Kidney
The launch of the new split lp (with theUK's The Bevis Frond) takes place tonight at The Old Bar and unfortunately due to a bit of a family emergency I will be unable to make it. Just because I can't go doesn't mean that YOU should miss it however.

It  is a real pity that I can't make it tonight as I was really looking forward to catching this and Dave Graney down at my local beforehand. Next time I'll be there guys for sure, especially as they have been so kind to me, even going so far as to pop a physical copy of this current album in the letterbox for me here at Exile Towers last month.
Finally here's a video of 'Keyed In' from their debut.
Have a great gig 

New Yorkers thank Donald Trump

5-4-3-2-1 & SEND (Slight Reprise)

Meanwhile a little earlier...

How's it going today Donald?

Has there ever been in the history of US politics such a car crash / inept campaign as this? 
And one day after Cohen criticised Clinton for using a teleprompter guess what happened? (Hi Sean!) Lucky for us the crazy continues...
I got interested in the 1968 election as an 8 year old in Glasgow (don't ask) and have followed them all pretty close since, but my knowledge of pre 68 is pretty limited but this is fugn hilarious. 
When (and gawd willing that it is the case) Trump gets annihilated on polling day I wish every American newspaper to all have just "YOU'RE FIRED" on their front covers...and notice nary a peep from the Donald today about the nudie rudie statues. Man as I said previously I really would love to have been a fly on the wall when he discovered them
Should any American readers of this blog care to enlighten me of other campaign SNAFU's from the past then I am all ears