Friday, 21 July 2017

Radiohead ZX Spectrum program from OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997-2017

At the end of tape from Radiohead's OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997-2017 bonus material there is a ZX Spectrum program. Also, inside the code there's a hidden, black text on a black background: "'ve found the secret message syd lives hmmmm. We should get out more"

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

What? Who?

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David Bowie is The Man Who Fell To Earth (2017)

Monday, 10 July 2017

Normal service ASAP

Could be a while tho...

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

forest fr1ends

Grant Hart joined by Greg Norton, Dave Pirner, Lori Barbero, and more live

Keith Haring's NYE 1984 party filmed by Nelson Sullivan

Documentary on Haring's mural here in Melbourne

Meanwhile  as I am packing up my stuff for the B I G move I had to stop and look through this amazing book

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Listen to a playlist of samples used by Madlib


A Day With Frank Zappa (VPRO 1971)

Directed by Roelof Kiers
For Marc 

Bob Weir: What's In My Bag?

The Original Peter (Mike Westbrook Review BBC 1970)

During the March to April 1970 sessions for Mike Westbrook's Love Songs, The Mike Westbrook Concert Band, The Welfare State, Original Peter and a whole host of other long-forgotten performers and speciality acts including the esoterically named likes of The Amazing Mas-Kar, The Edmund Campion Gymnasts and, erm, 'Cherokee Indian Joe The Great Leaping Bison' (we can probably safely assume that he wasn't) took part in an ambitious small screen extravaganza somewhere between a progressive rock concert and a down-at-heel carnival, which was captured by the Review cameras in all of its chaotic glory. The film was first broadcast on Saturday 25th April 1970

Monday, 3 July 2017

Mike Westbrook Mix

Overture : Citadel-Room 315
Let It Shine : Solid Gold Cadillac
Kyrie : The Cortège
Other World : Marching Song Vol 1
Conflict : Marching Song Vol 2
Part VIII : Metropolis
Windy City : Mama Chicago
Let The Slave : Bright As Fire
Finale : Citadel-Room 315
Let The Slave : Live Paris 1981
A selection of pieces from the first part of Mike Westbrook's career. Vocals by Phil Minton. A live audience recording of 'Let The Slave' from Paris in 1981 as a bonus at the end. Seeing the 1979 premiere of 'The Cortège' at Bracknell Jazz Festival remains a live gig highlight

The Cortège 1982 UK tour.
Film directed by Tony Staveacre and shown on the BBC
Part 1

Part 2


Pohjoinen Äänet Mix (Sounds from Sasu Ripatti)

1 Summer (Later In The Dark) (Delay Configuration 2) by Pub
2 Truly (Vladislav Delay Remix) by Rhythm & Sound
3 Restructure 2 (Digital Mystikz Rebuild) by Moritz Von Oswald Trio
4 Almodrama by Drama Society with Vladislav Delay
5 All Lies On Us by AGF+Delay
6 Tessio by Luomo
7 Serti by Uusitalo
8 Viite by Vladislav Delay
9 Killing The Water Bed by Vladislav Delay Quartet
10 Kukkuu by The Dolls
11 Hac (Alva Noto Remix) by Sistol

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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Public Enemy - Nothing Is Quick In The Desert (FREE DOWNLOAD)

After 30 years, 106 tours across 105 countries and countless records, THANK YOU! This one is on Public Enemy. Get it while it’s free
- Chuck D

The way it can be

Amplified Gesture

Directed and edited by Phil Hopkins, with interviews conducted by Nick Luscombe, Amplified Gesture (2009) takes us to the studios and workspaces of eleven leading improvisers across Europe and Japan – from legends like saxophonist Evan Parker to rising stars including Christian Fennesz. Their conversations teach us about improvisation as a practice and as a culture. “The aim was to pique the interest of the audience in the hope that they would wish to find out more,” says Hopkins. “I do think there are insights in this film which apply to anyone concerned or connected with other kinds of artistic endeavour. By focussing principally on the ideas and philosophies, I think we arrived at something quite ‘pure’.”
“There’s isn’t, to my knowledge, a comprehensive film on this subject, these musicians, the history of free improvisation as seen through the eyes and ears of its European practitioners,” says David Sylvian whose label made this film. “It’s a unique branch of the evolution of free jazz through to free improv, a story that’s not adequately been told on film. We attempt to touch upon the opening of the East to these influences and the significant impact artists such as Otomo Yoshihide and Toshimaru Nakamura have had upon the scene, and how that exchange broadens the conversation, contributing to an ongoing evolution of ideas.”
Keith Rowe and Eddie Prévost recall the birth of England’s groundbreaking ensemble AMM, while in Japan’s younger onkyo scene, practitioners such as Yoshihide, Nakamura, and Sachiko M describe their relationship with machines that defy mastery, like Nakamura’s no-input mixing board. Their discussions range from how they first began this practice – leaving behind old idioms and popular music in pursuit of the unknown – to the unending process of learning from their collaborators, their instruments, and the ever-changing circumstances in which they find themselves. As saxophonist John Butcher explains in the film, “It wasn’t an idiomatic choice you were making. It was a life choice, about how you wanted to approach life, and how you wanted to approach creativity, and how you wanted to approach music.”
Instrumental outtakes from Manafon provide the score, but the documentary eschews that project to focus on the musicians, and the almost fifty years of history and discovery that they represent.
Free improvisation is a field that is rarely documented and often misunderstood. This gorgeously-filmed and quietly intriguing documentary will lure in new listeners, while rewarding fans with new insights and rare glimpses into the hearts and minds of these musicians – the pioneers who commit to improv as a form, a challenge, and a lifelong journey

Saturday, 1 July 2017

T̶I̶M̶E The New Yorker

Tick Tock Tick Tock...




Peter Perrett: How the West Was Won (Review)

Punk's singular talent returns

How The West Was Won

An Epic Story

EX EYE - Xenolith; The Anvil

Debut album from EX EYE, the instrumental, post-everything quartet led by renowned saxophonist Colin Stetson and featuring the otherworldly drumming of Greg Fox. EX EYE seamlessly weave between precise, clockwork intricacy and aggressive, ecstatic abandon while taking the listener on a cathartic, thrilling journey to total transcendence. Recorded live at EX EYE member Shahzad Ismaily's Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn, NY (Blonde Redhead, Damien Rice, Okkervil River, Son Lux, Pussy Riot), the self-titled debut showcases a band that is without question the sum of its parts, as each player contributes not only their own particular technical prowess and expertise but also their signature compositional character. EX EYE make incredibly complex yet beautifully dramatic and emotive music which eclipses usual expectation of style or genre and is sure to be talked about for many years to come
In my book Colin Stetson can do no wrong

Friday, 30 June 2017


Annie Lennox 'scouted' by US radio

America...this is fucking beserk

Cardinal Hell

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Automat - OST

Starts tonight: FUCK IT! we're having a group show (Collingwood Melbourne)

Hosted by Be Free
This exhibition is about good people, creative works and a great bar!
29 June - 12 July
29 June at 18:00 to 12 July at 16:00
Kent Street
201 Smith Street, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia 3065
Abyss 607
Amy Jean
Be Free
Drew Funk (Syd)
Erin Greer
Hollie M Kelley
Jimmy Lee
Nev Sety (Syd)
Lu Quade (Newcastle)
Minou (Bris)
Mouf (Bris)
Nicholas Millen
Ryan McGennisken
Shane McRobb
The Dunken Yobbo

Guest DJ - meander

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The long road to justice: Hillsborough disaster timeline

Voice Mix

1 Louis Kappa by Voice
2 Gaprindi Shavo Mertskhalo by Hamlet Gonashvili
3 Improvisation by Maggie Nicols/Phil Minton
4 Sabodisho by The Rustavi Choir
5 Mayruli by The Tsinandali Choir
6 Alfred Scnittke's Concerto For Choir (1) by Swedish Radio Choir
7 Une Coup de Des by The Hilliard Ensemble/Barry Guy
8 The Men of Barra Know How To Drink But The Women Know How To Sing by Talisker/Voice


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Ad Break (KFC Ghana)

Eid Mubarak

Theresa May & The Holy Grail

Sunday, 25 June 2017

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Friday, 23 June 2017

'Terrorist Synthesiser'



Thursday, 22 June 2017

Kasper Opstrup: Invisible Insurrections and Radical Imaginaries in the UK Underground 1961-91 (2017)

Here we encounter a series of figures – including Alexander Trocchi, R. D. Laing, Joseph Berke, Brion Gysin, William Burroughs and Genesis P-Orridge – that blurred the lines between inner and outer, the invisible and the material. Four singular forms of speculative techniques for igniting an invisible insurrection with cultural means make up the central case studies: the sigma project, London Anti-University, Academy 23 and thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Melbourne today feels like...