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The Struggle Continues

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Blank City (Celine Dahnier 2009)

In the late 1970s a group of aspiring New York filmmakers, inspired by the burgeoning underground music scene, takes to the streets to shoot guerrilla-style movies and in the process fosters the influential and highly regarded No Wave movement. This film examines the events that led to No Wave's creation, in which the city itself, which was in decay at the time, plays a significant role. Featuring interviews with Jim Jarmusch, John Waters, Thurston Moore, Debbie Harry and Lydia Lunch

Waleed Aly on the five ways Chan and Sukumaran were let down

Abbott government backflipped on AFP death penalty directive

When the Song Dies (Scottish folklore on the brink of being forgotten)

In Scotland, folk songs serve as memories, of places and the dead who once inhabited them. Exploring the theme of change, When the Song Dies seeks to bring the audience under the captive spell of the old ways. Featuring a range of contributors, the film is a poignant reminder that the dead linger on, all around us, in the houses and landscapes we live in, and in the language and music of our culture.
Whilst Scottishness is at the heart of the film, this story is as universal as it is specific. It is the story of a culture that is, like so many, in danger of fading from human memory
Directed by Jamie Chambers

David Simon on Baltimore’s Anguish


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Hatred of Capitalism



Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe - German Tangerine

Jack Ely R.I.P.

Jack Ely singer with the Kingsmen dies at 71. Here's the FBI report into 'Louie Louie'

President Obama on Baltimore Riots

“We can’t just leave this to the police. I think there are police departments that have to do some soul searching. I think there are some communities that have to do some soul searching. But I think we as a country have to do some soul searching. This is not new. It’s been going on for decades.”
Watch especially from 8:55

Blood On Their Hands: The Secret Government Treaties That Helped Kill Chan And Sukumaran

They Sang Amazing Grace

First Dog On The Moon

Bali Nine duo executed: the view from Indonesia

Bali Nine: fresh calls for review of federal police actions that led to executions

Neil Young & Stephen Stills - Live @Pantages Theatre, Hollywood, CA (25/4/15)

01. ~intro - Brad Pitt
02. Long My You Run
03. Human Highway
04. Earth's Blood?
05. new Stephen song
06. Questions-Answers?
07. For What it's Worth
08. Bluebird
09. Mr Soul
10. Keep on Rockin' in the Free World*
11. ~outro~
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Stephen Stills - vocals, guitars
Shawn Colvin - vocals, guitars*
Steve Earle - vocals, guitars*
Chris Stills - vocals, piano*

Let it go boys

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This, if true, is just taking the piss

Go home, David Simon. Without justice in Baltimore, there can be no peace

The Untold Story of Silk Road

Kode9 / Ikonika - Tribute to DJ Rashad (Boiler Room London 2014)

On My Way: The Legacy Of DJ Rashad

Chan and Sukumaran are victims of the futile war on drugs

Retired diplomat Bruce Haigh says Bali Nine pair ‘victims’ of ‘flawed relationship’ with Indonesia, AFP should be investigated over role

Kanye West’s First Beats (2001)?



Another Aspect: Kim Gordon Interviewed

Ze Otavio: Kim Gordon


Blixa and Erin go boating in Beijing

Shelby Lynne - Then & Now EP (Free download)

Fuck your 'justice' system Indonesia

Frank Zappa with Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (Live @Amougies Belgium 10/69)

Click to enlarge
'And, oh yes, Frank Zappa sat in with Pink Floyd on another song, and it truly, truly sucked' - Michael Gira

This really is the stuff of fugn nightmares

Industrial Culture Handbook

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