Thursday, 21 October 2021


Diary (1981)


Brion Gysin

That drawing of Jajouka is probably thirty years old or so...I have no idea why I didn't do any art again until this year. 
I do wish I had tho. 
So kids! the message from this old man is don't think about it, just DO IT!

Be tHere Mix

A soundtrack for the end of lockdown
1 Music Is Love - David Crosby 
2 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Elvis Costello 
3 Be There - Low 
4 Nomadic Revery (All Around) - Bonnie Prince Billy 
5 There She Goes - The La's 
6 The Straight And Narrow - Spiritualized 
7 Crazy World - Brinsley Schwarz 
8 We Shall Live Again - The Felice Brothers 
9 Valentina - HTRK 
10 Is This All There Is - Nanci Griffith 
11 I Can't Black It Out If I Wake Up And Remember - Richmond Fontaine 
12 I Won't Slip Up - The Delines

The brightness of a thousand suns


Thinking of starting a separate blog for my scribbles you may be happy to know

Purple rain(s)

Jesse Rae & The Strange Parcels (+Akabu) - Jacob's Pillow (dubbed in over raw unedited On-U Sound Tour film 1992/3)

There are snippets of this here and here. Different years given but all seem to be same gig. Not Japan tho as the wonderful crowd pans at the start of this video will attest

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Oh I wish I could get back to Glasgow for this

Victory Horns Jacob's Pillow Victory Horns is in my top five On-U Sound productions. Simply everything about it is sublime and as I've said before just play it as LOUD as you can  and luxuriate in Adrian Sherwood's production...and here's Inside Out that Jesse wrote and Odyssey had a massive hit with. This is with Doug and Skip soundchecking live back in 2006 From Compression + ...and the foot of this post tells the tale of where my old PE teacher and Jesse made me nearly have a heart attack

Saturday, 16 October 2021

The Missing Horrors: Sat Oct 16th 7pm GMT (Radio Alhara)

THE MISSING HORRORS: An hour long sound-work of specially commissioned reggae, electronics and spoken word, all themed around the 29 horror films missing from the vaults. 
Including the final recordings the mighty Lee 'Scratch' Perry was working on when he died. 
With contributions from Cosey Fanni Tutti, Pop Group maverick Mark Stewart, reggae toaster Prince Hammer, Colin Newman and Graham Lewis of Wire, vocalist Sheila Ellis, members of Fat White Family, Minimal Compact, 23 Skidoo, and many more. Peter Harris: Bombart mastermind and multi-instrumentalist, has assembled these recordings, to create the wildest 60 minutes of music, singing, chanting and spoken word you're ever likely to hear! 
Full line up of contributors: 
Saul Adamczewski - keyboards/synths 
Dave Andrews - trombone 
Misha Begley - electronics 
Fritz Catlin - drums/percussion/flute/synth/bowed bass
Thom Driver - mix 
Graham Duff - texts/spoken word 
Sheila Ellis - vocals 
Cosey Fanni Tutti - spoken word 
Dave Fullwood - trumpet/cornet/trombone 
Prince Hammer - toasting 
Peter Harris - musical director/producer 
Saron Hughes - piano/synths 
Graham Lewis - vocals 
Dorothy Max Prior - spoken word 
Colin Newman - spoken word 
Lee Perry - vocals 
Matt Shaw - electronics 
Malka Spigel - spoken word 
Mark Stewart - vocals 
Stephen Thrower - electronics/spoken word 
Hazel Turnock - vocals

Here's a preview featuring Lee Perry, Mark Stewart and Fritz Catlin


Silent Servant: Optimistic Decay - Richard H Kirk / Cabaret Voltaire Special (21/9/21)

Greg Davis Interviews Oren Ambarchi (Outer Sounds 12)

1969 Blaupunkt Pop 70 Sound System