Monday, 3 July 2017

Mike Westbrook Mix

Overture : Citadel-Room 315
Let It Shine : Solid Gold Cadillac
Kyrie : The Cortège
Other World : Marching Song Vol 1
Conflict : Marching Song Vol 2
Part VIII : Metropolis
Windy City : Mama Chicago
Let The Slave : Bright As Fire
Finale : Citadel-Room 315
Let The Slave : Live Paris 1981
A selection of pieces from the first part of Mike Westbrook's career. Vocals by Phil Minton. A live audience recording of 'Let The Slave' from Paris in 1981 as a bonus at the end. Seeing the 1979 premiere of 'The Cortège' at Bracknell Jazz Festival remains a live gig highlight

The Cortège 1982 UK tour.
Film directed by Tony Staveacre and shown on the BBC
Part 1

Part 2

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