Thursday, 15 June 2017

Henry & Friends Mix

1 Judy Get Down by A More
2 Nirvana For Mice by Henry Cow
3 Would You Prefer Us To Lie? [unreleased] by The Orkestra (Henry Cow & Mike Westbrook Brass Band)
4 The Glove / Rapt In A Blanket [peel session] / Beautiful as The Moon Terrible As An Army With Banners / Europa / Morning Star by Henry Cow
5 The Charter by Lindsay Cooper & Phil Minton
6 Nine Funerals of The Citizen King by Henry Cow
7 Chicken by Peter Blegvad
8 Half The Sky by Henry Cow
9 Nirvana Again by Fred Frith
A brief look at Henry Cow and some of those who sailed in her...If anyone has copies of the Orckestra live boots from Paris/London and Milan, could you get in touch. 
Thank you

After The Deluge: Henry Cow's Unrest Revisited

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