Saturday, 17 June 2017

Georgina Brett - Grenfell Requiem

A piece originally written for a friend who's son was dying of cancer. Never published before, written in 2009. It's an appropriate piece to raise funds for the families affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. Please set your own price. All proceeds go to my neighbours and/or to work on campaigns and legal representation to instigate change in building regulations. This is the most appalling tragedy that was totally avoidable, a vanity project in order to make the Grenfell Tower more in keeping with the brand new Academy built around its' foot. The school should never have been there anyway. There was a much larger site in Kensal, where the Eurostar was housed before it terminated at Kings Cross, but the Council chose to squeeze it into what were football pitches and a car park in order for the school to be in the right area. How can you spend £10M on upgrading a 27 story tower bock and not add sprinklers? Massive disregard for safety as you probably know...I live on the estate in one of the 'finger blocks', the chickens foot as i liked to call it. now we have lost our will never be the same in this pocket of North Kensington. Please support me in supporting the victims and/or helping support the Lancaster West Residents Association. Any amount will be most welcome. Thank you. Love G

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