Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Mark Stewart's Faith Is Room For Doubt

'Punk is an attitude. Suicide invented punk-their street punk thing. And then punk in England-there was a real energy,” Stewart said. “And it’s weird like when you pick up a radio wave that’s been distorted-things mutate down the line. There’s a story that reggae started in Jamaica because there was an R&B station that kept on cutting out so you got this weird rhythm. So in Bristol, we got a very idealistic take on what the Pistols and the Clash were doing.
I think I believed in it more than Strummer did.'

Mark with The Pop Group at Glastonbury 1979

Mark Stewart - Hypnotised (Scratch video by Nick Cope)

Mark Stewart - From The Pop Group to The Maffia (Directed by Tøni Schifer)

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