Thursday, 30 March 2017

Ikue Mori - A Retrospective (1977-2016)

Ikue Mori is a vital figure on the 'Downtown New York Scene' and the international avant-garde community. She is a pioneer of the use of electronics in music.
Mori's career began as the drummer for DNA, one of the leading groups of New York's "No Wave" movement. Following her time with DNA, she began performing as part of the New York experimental community with notable figures such as John Zorn, Zeena Parkins, and Jim Staley. In the mid80's, she transitioned her primary instrument to the drum machine and immediately developed a highly distinctive sound and style, culminating in her first solo recordings in the mid90s. In 2000, Mori made the switch to laptop which opened a virtuosic depth and range to her electronics. Key groups at this juncture include Mephista and Phantom Orchard. She continues to release solo albums as well as perform and record with the top musicians and composers of the experimental community, constantly breaking ground at the forefront of the sonic arts
DNA - NO NEW YORK, “Egomaniac’s Kiss” [0:00]
DNA - A Taste of DNA, “New Fast” [2:08]
John Zorn - Locus Solus, “You Only Live Twice, Mr. Bond” [3:20]
John Zorn - Locus Solus, “Locus Solus, Pts 1 & 2” [5:17]
Jim Staley - Mumbo Jumbo, “Untitled” [7:25]
Jim Staley - Mumbo Jumbo, “Untitled” [10:58]
Zeena Parkins - Ursa’s Door, “Flush” (excerpt) [13:03]
Tohban Djan - Poison Petal, “Asobi” [16:09]
Death Praxis - Mystery, “Metal Dream” [20:14]
Catherine Jauniaux and Ikue Mori - Vibraslaps, “Shiver” [22:37]
Ikue Mori, Marc Ribot, Robert Quine - Painted Desert, “Painted Desert” [25:37]
Ikue Mori - Hex Kitchen, “Slush” [30:47]
Ikue Mori - Garden, “The Pit & The Pendulum” [33:26]
Ikue Mori - B/Side, “Fortuno’s Song” [41:04]
Death Praxis - Mystery, “Demon In My View” [43:48]
Death Ambient - Synesthesia, “Way In” [47:07]
Ikue Mori - One Hundred Aspects Of The Moon, “Musashi Plain Moon” [49:31]
Ikue Mori - Labyrinth, “Labyrinth” [53:43]
John Zorn - Cobra: Game Pieces, Vol. 2, “Pendet” [59:11]
Mephista - Black Narcissus, “The Children’s Hour” [1:03:59]
Phantom Orchard - Phantom Orchard, “Contraband” [1:07:26]
Mephista - Entomological Reflections, “Fringe” [1:11:01]
Ikue Mori - Myrninerest, “Conflict” [1:12:51]
Death Ambient - Drunken Forest, “Lake Chad” [1:16:41]
Phantom Orchard - Orra, “Ship of the Damned” [1:21:25]
Ikue Mori - Class Insecta, “Luciol” [1:25:06]
Zeena Parkins - Double Dupe Down, “I Hardly Care” [1:29:02]
John Zorn - Rimbaud, “A Season In Hell” [1:30:27]
Phantom Orchard Ensemble - Through the Looking Glass, “Kaguya” [1:42:52]
Ikue Mori and Steve Noble - Prediction and Warning, “Montparnasse Derailment” [1:47:00]
Ikue Mori - In Light of Shadows, “Mozu #3” [1:50:23]
Ikue Mori & Sylvie Courvoisier - Miller’s Tale, “A Fountain Pen” [1:53:59]

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