Friday, 20 January 2017

Melbourne Drone Orchestra - Live @ Memo Music Hall St. Kilda Melbourne (17/12/16)

Dav Byrne
Gearoid Brinn
Anthony Cooley
Lindsay Cox
Chris Dunn
Sam Filmer
Ciaran Geohegan
Steve Gill
Matt Malone
Damian Mason
Gerard Mason
Piers Morgan
David Prescott-Steed
Ellen Sorenson
Daniel Tucceri
Andrew Watson
Sorcha Wilcox
Brian O’Dwyer
Matt ‘Skitz’ Sanders
Filmed by Simon Paquin, Matt Refund & Sam Filmer
Edited by Matt Refund
Sound by Damien Young
Lighting by Deborah Hatton
Video Editing and Audio Mastering by Matt Refund
Video footage of last month's MDO gig down in St.Kilda. I believe that Matt incorporated my audio recording with two other versions

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