Friday, 28 October 2016

The Bug presents Killing Sound Chapter 3: Black Wax Attack

'Black Wax Attack is a testament to the boom boom crack of my favourite bashy riddims. Its a journey through my treasured 7” vinyl collection as a self-confessed bashment worshipper.
I got magnetised by dancehall’s swagger and daggering, and converted to reggae’s post “Sleng Teng” mechanoid mutations by Steely & Clevie’s truly outstanding “Streetsweeper Riddim”. Prior to that Greensleeves label purchase, I had been a foolishly arrogant dub snob, and former post punk casualty/hip hop nerd/free jazz space cadet, who had stupidly dismissed ragga as a cheesy, plastic, bastard offspring of reggae. But once smitten by Burro Banton’s “Boom Wha Dis” and Capleton’s “Final Assassin”, there was no turning back. I fell heavily for the ghetto punk attitude, and rabid studio experimentation. I became a regular buyer/addict at Stonebridge Park and Harlesden’ s various hole in the wall reggae vinyl stores, and money/time waster at Notting Hill’s, now sadly, deceased “Dub Vendor” reggae record haven. I would run weekly to these stores to check the zillions of vocals dropped on the multitude of riddims in an attempt to locate the freshest shizzle. And it was def thru that dancehall conversion, that I begged to link up with Daddy Freddy via The Rootsman, and released my first filthy bash-collision “Politicians & Paedophiles” (subsequently released by AFX in 2002), and then quickly formed my own Killing Sound imprint, to atomise parties, Razor X Productions. So herein resides 2 hours of my chosen dancehall drugs. A tunnel visioned tribute mix to Jamaican bionics. A relentless selection of frenzied mechanical gyrations, mind-blowing vocal detonations, electronic rhythm deviations and addictive hip juice injections. An attempt to keep faith in the future of a genre which has felt stale since the vinyl market collapse and the pop-lite takeover by the autotune generation. But a genre I still follow avidly, and await the next generation of freakbeat visionaries and motormouth specialists.'
- The Bug

1/ Sizzla – Obstacles (Germaican Records)
2/ Burro Banton – Badda Than Dem (Massive B)
3/ Stylo G – Call Me A Yardie (VP Records)
4/ Stephen ’Lenky’ Marsden – Hollow Point Riddim (Master Mind 2.5)
5/ Lenky & Sly – Now Thing Riddim (Mo Wax)
6/ Sly Dunbar & Christopher Birch – Corners Boy Version (How Yu Fi Sey Dat ?)
7/ Suku (Ward 21) – Cyaan Do Me Nuttin (Purple Skunk)
8/ Stylo G – My Style (VP Records)
9/ Mr Lex – Dem A Pree Ward (21 Music)
10/ Collin 'Bulby' Yorke & Lynford 'Fatta' Marshall – Candlewax Riddim (VP Records)
11/ Tony 'CD' Kelly – Unda Wata Riddim (K-Licious)
12/ Bounty Killer – Suicide Or Murder (TVT Records)
13/ Miss Red – Murder (Red Label)
14/ The Bug – Aktion Riddim
15/ Burro Banton – Boom Wha Dis (VP Records)
16/ Capleton – Final Assasin (VP Records)
17/ Lenky – Z2010 Riddim (Mo Wax)
18/ Matt Shadetek – Yoga Riddim (Shockout)
19/ Stereotyp & Al-Haca – Blaze & Cook (Klein Records)
20/ Tiger – Rap Pon Riddim Version (Paradise Records)
21/ Jerome Hill – Raggamuffin Hip hop Version (Fat Hop)
22/ The Bug – Politicians & Paedophiles (Klein Records)
23/ John Shop Farm – Let's Ride Riddim
24/ Timberlee – Bubble Like Soup Ward (21 Music)
25/ Ding, Dong – Badman Forward, Badman Pull Up (VP Records)
26/ Andre Suku Gray – Sign Riddim (Jammy's Records)
27/ Fat Eyes – Assault Rifle Riddim (Fat Eyes Productions)
28/ Sky Juice – Dance Moves (Annex )‎
29/ The Bug – No Guns Version (Red Label)
30/ Cham – Tun Up (Madhouse Records)
31/ Equiknoxx – Peanut Porridge (DDS)
32/ Salaam Remi – Acid Hall Riddim (Hot ice Records)
33/ Yush 2k – Outlaw Robot (Soul Jazz Records)
34/ M.I.A. – Galang Version (XL Recordings)
35/ Elephant Man – Dirt Bed (Daseca)
36/ Daseca – Anger Management Riddim (Zojak World Wide)
37/ Leftside & Esco – Dem Time Deh Riddim (Young Legends)
38/ Aidonia – Ukku Bit (Budget Mix)
39/ Stush – Dollar Sign (Social Circles)
40/ Major Lazer – Pon Di Floor Riddim (Mad Decent)
41/ Suku – Easy Ward (21 Music)
42/ The Bug – Insane Riddim
43/ Steely & Clevie – Punanny Riddim (VP Records)
44/ Busy Signal – Pussy Cat (Dawg House)
45/ Ward 21 – Puke Riddim (Mentally Disturbed Productions)
46/ Dave Kelly – 85 Riddim (Madhouse Records)
47/ Patrick Samuels – Mad Ting/Ebola Riddim (Time Travel Productions)
48/ Vybz Kartel – Sweet To The Belly (Blaxxx Records)
49/ Bounty Killah – Sufferah (VP Records)
50/ Stephen ’Lenky’ Marsden – Diwali Riddim (40/40)
51/ Vybz Kartel – Emergency (Greensleeves Records)‎
52/ Cham – What The Hell (Madhouse Records)
53/ Breakage feat. Roots Manuva – Run Em Out (Digital Soundboy)
54/ Sean Paul – Dem A Fraud (Good Vybz)
55/ Annex Productions – (Dubbed & Screwed by The Bug) Unreleased


Part 1 (Dub Mutations)
Part 2 (Inner Space)


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