Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Bug presents Killing Sound Chapter 2: Inner Space

'From outer to inner space, I’ve always been smitten by sci-fi scenarios and their soundtracks. Since I was a toddler watching Dr. Who, Tomorrow’s People, Space 1999 etc. with my Mother (even if I was periodically hiding behind the sofa from fear of the aliens/monsters), I fell in love with the outer limits of the genre and and its rulebook burning scores. And as an electronic producer, the subconscious influence of the incredibly creative music used in this zone has stayed with me for life. The future shock sounds, synthesized psychedelia, bleeps, drones and white noise waveforms, created by many of music’s finest sound designers, composers and musical freaks, still continues to cast a spell over me today, and hence this tribute mix.
As time progressed, I’ve realized the attraction to sci-fi has little to do with aliens or bogeymen from outer space (although, yup, I can dig those too), but more to do with a lust for the future, a craving for the unknown and getting lost in the technological hyper-reality we all now call home. Science Fiction feeds my deepest psychological responses to the science friction therein. Hence, I employed JG Ballard as a ghost in this machinery, and dedicate this mix to his memory. RIP, a true genius.'
- The Bug 

1/Bernard Herrmann - Klattu (The Day the earth Stood Still)
2/Kenji Kawai - floating (Ghost in the shell )
3/Bernard Hermann - fire engine (Fahrenheit 451)
4/Geoff Barrow/Ben Salisbury - Bunsen Burner (Ex Machina )
5/Hans Zimmer - Atmospheric Entry (Interstellar)
6/Brad Fiedel - Sarah’s destiny’ (Terminator)
7/Cliff Martinez - Is this (Solaris)
8/Ennio Morricone - Bestiality (The Thing )
9/Lalo Schifrin - Mind Lock (THX1138)
10/Coil - Track1 (ANS - An imaginary movie for the mind)
11/Steven Price - Airlock(Gravity )
12/John Carpenter - Orientation (Escape from NYC)
13/The Bug - Seduction & Betrayal (Tribute to ‘The Conversation’)
14/Gil Melle - Wildfire (Andromeda Strain)
15/Kenji Kawai - Ghost dive (Ghost in the shell )
16/BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Time lord Court Atmosphere (dr who )
17/Hans Zimmer - Stay (Interstellar )
18/Eduard Artemyev - Meditation (Stalker )
19/Vangelis - Main theme (Blade Runner )
20/Clint Mansell - Welcome To Lunar Industries (Moon)
21/Louis/Bebe Barron - kraal (Forbidden planet)
22/Brad Fiedel - Garage Chase (Terminator)
23/Mica Levi - Love (Under The Skin)
24/Throbbing gristle - Catholic sex (Journey Through A Body)
25/Marc Streitenfeld - Weyland (Prometheus )
26/Cliff Martinez - Will she ever come back (Solaris)
27/Techno animal - Catatonia (Imaginary Soundtrack)
28/Trevor Duncan - Maelstrom (Quatermass and the Pit)
29/Ennio Morricone - Sterilisation (The Thing )
30/Howard Shore - Welcome to Videodrome (Videodrome)
31/Howard Shore - Crushed By A Convertible (Crash)
32/Geoff Barrow/Ben Salisbury - Ava (Ex Machina)
33/Ligetti - Overture atmospheres (2001 )
34/BBC Radiophonic Workshop - War games (Dr Who)
35/Autechre - Kalpol intro (From ‘Pi’, Dubbed & Screwed by The Bug)
36/Steven Price - Void (Gravity)
37/BJ Nilsen - Black Light (From Enter the void)
38/Vangels - Blade runner blues (Blade Runner)
39/John Corigliano - Primeval (Altered States)
40/Stephen Mathieu - Stasis 2 (Tribute to ‘Alien’)
41/Mica Levi - Death (Under The Skin)
42/David Lynch - In Heaven (Eraserhead)
43/John Brion - Theme (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
Features excerpts throughout the mix from the BBC's JG Ballard interview ‘Face to Face’


Part 1 HERE

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