Monday, 19 September 2016

bvdub - Yours are Stories of Sadness

True story...
In 2012, I was singing karaoke in the lavish VIP suite of the most opulent bar of Shaoxing. Hours in, at the height of drunken revelry, suddenly, literally out of nowhere, one of the hired girls walked over to me from the other end of the room, and whispered in my ear:
"When I saw you walk in, I knew yours was a story of sadness."
These are flashes of memories from that time... broken fragments, and spaces in-between... each a portrait of instances I have remembered that moment, each its own place and time. Every time I remembered that moment in the years that followed, I made a brief tribute to the beginnings of that realization, and the starting point for my mental wanderings that followed... putting that initial realization to sound, before going the rest of the journey in my own head.
Unlike all my other works which are meant to be in the foreground, these are meant to stay in the shadows... to be the quiet and subconscious soundtrack... each not a story, but just a moment... that moment you realize. Unlike the norm, when I elucidate every second to near unbearable levels ;), this time how that moment materializes or continues is up to you...
As a result, they are, for the first time, unnamed... to let each take on its own meaning, and its own fabric in both my story and yours...
4 years later, these were the 19 times I remembered that moment... they will surely not be the last

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