Friday, 26 August 2016

The late Lulu Larsen interviewed by Romain Slocombe for a book on the history of Bazooka (French)

Lulu Larsen R.I.P.
Damn! Just went to the Bazooka site above and it is now 404! There is this though

Olivia Clavel, Lulu Larsen et Loulou Picasso
Merci Olivia
I am not sure when I first came across the Bazooka art collective, sadly not as well known outside France as they should be. They did some illustrations for the NME back in 1977 or 78 and were responsible alongside Barney Bubbles for the stunning cover for Elvis Costello's 'Armed Forces' album. 

I have to keep sending off to France for their books (a very expensive way of getting them by the time you pay postage!)
There was a site 'Une Regarde Moderne' (again now 404) that commented on the news daily in art form and from what I can gather with my (very) limited French they ran into copyright problems with their photo-manipulation.
Pranksters! They used to do supplements for the French paper 'Liberation' and after the artwork was approved they would change it just before printing!

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