Saturday, 20 August 2016

How's it going today Donald?

Has there ever been in the history of US politics such a car crash / inept campaign as this? 
And one day after Cohen criticised Clinton for using a teleprompter guess what happened? (Hi Sean!) Lucky for us the crazy continues...
I got interested in the 1968 election as an 8 year old in Glasgow (don't ask) and have followed them all pretty close since, but my knowledge of pre 68 is pretty limited but this is fugn hilarious. 
When (and gawd willing that it is the case) Trump gets annihilated on polling day I wish every American newspaper to all have just "YOU'RE FIRED" on their front covers...and notice nary a peep from the Donald today about the nudie rudie statues. Man as I said previously I really would love to have been a fly on the wall when he discovered them
Should any American readers of this blog care to enlighten me of other campaign SNAFU's from the past then I am all ears

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