Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Feeling Cosey? Or is it Tessa (NSFW)

More, tho let's be honest not that much more of Cosey can be found
I really wish that I could get to the ICA in October and see 'After Cease To Exist' again. The time I saw it was at a showing at the London Film Maker's Co-Op back in I'm guessing 1978 or more likely '79. This was not the live performance where they performed a new soundtrack to the film (which can be found in the TG24 box) This was a Sunday (?) afternoon showing with Gen, Sleazy, Cosey and Chris in attendance with Chris extolling loudly at the end in a high pitched voice that he had 'never been the same again' which did cause the audience to erupt in nervous laughter. See also Cosey at Hayward Gallery. My friend Paul also reminded me on Facebook last night that ACTE was also shown when TG played at Heaven in 1980 which we both were at

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