Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Dennis Cooper's blog is back from the Google wasteland

After the shitstorm of Google deleting the blog it is back now with a Beatrice Dalle day. 
As Dennis says:
Hey! I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get to say that to you again.
But here we are! Obviously, it’s been a rough two months, but I’m ready to go back to normal, if you guys are. This was the post that was up the day the blog was disabled. I’m leaving the p.s. and the comments that came in before the shut down as they were, and of course please add your comments today. Between now and next Monday, you will be getting posts that were already set up and originally intended to launch before the blackout, and then on Tuesday we’ll go all new. The archive of the old blog will slowly appear here, but I have to do hands-on restoration on each one, so it’s going to take virtually forever. Okay, enjoy the day, and I look forward enormously to getting to talk with you again!
It's always worth checking out and Dennis himself had some very kind words to say about this blog when I first started EOMS.
Welcome back!

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