Saturday, 30 July 2016

Sienkiewicz 'Stockholmed'

So...20th Century Fox was offering this Dazzler 12 in. album at SDCC in connection w X-Men Apocalypse digital release. I actually found out about it at the con when people started coming up to me in increasing frequency for signatures.
This practice is hardly unusual standard operating procedure for corporations. Even so, it still rankles. I'm one guy. I've been doing this comic-book thing for years. I'm aware most everything is Work-Made-for-Hire. Still, I received no prior notification (a common courtesy), no thank you ( ditto), no written credit in any form whatsoever either on the piece or in connection with the premium, absolutely no compensation and no comp copies of the album.
It's like two losing trifectas wrapped in an altogether indifferent fuck you.
Booth-mates Tiziano De Santis, Lauren Jett, and others nearby had to nearly physically restrain met from going to the Fox booth and making a scene, where I would have taken it out on minimum wage booth-sitters who had zero idea what this lunatic was pissed about.
Am I over -reacting here?
Do I have the right-at least on behalf of fellow creators -to, at the very least expect decent treatment and some kind of minuscule, even boilerplate, acknowledgment? Asking that they part with a few coins, a few shekels, is insanely naive and hilarious I know(would be a nice gesture, though, and go a long way in soothing my mutant Polish artist rage), but seriously, is a thank you and a note of credit pushing it? I don't think so, but maybe I'm Stockholmed as to what passes as standard treatment of freelancers
Bill Sienkiewicz

Let's just imagine for a second what what would happen were we to do the same to Murdoch's intellectual (?) property?
Stop (inadvertently) working for free 

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