Monday, 25 July 2016

8 minutes?

The only one who seems to be taking the sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump seriously is Donald Trump…The media blackout would be odd enough on its own, but odder still was that eight minutes after sister site posted Dan Abrams’ interview with Jill Harth, Donald Trump himself got on the phone with LawNewz editors to dispel the story. In the middle of the pandemonium that was the RNC, Trump found his way to a phone, spoke with LawNewz editors, and characterized Jill Harth as a crazy, lovesick liar who had already been discredited by none other than the National Enquirer. “If you look in the National Enquirer, there was a story in there that she was in love with me. The woman has real problems,” Trump told in a phone call. “It’s ridiculous, I’ve never touched this woman.”

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