Sunday, 10 April 2016

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This Paul Ryan Video Sure Looks A Lot Like A 2016 Campaign Ad

There's an interesting comment left at the link above which goes as follows:
Its a long shot, IMO, but this is how it works
Trump loses on the first ballot, Cruz loses on the second and probably third ballot. Delegates start getting panicky and starting looking for a quick way out of the mess while the national cameras are rolling. Ryan gets presented as someone who can bridge the gap between establishment and anti establishment wings, while declaring he doesn't want the job..which clearly means he is above reproach. That argument sells with the majority of delegates and they rally behind him to give him the nomination. Ryan takes the stage and delivers a humblebrag speech that says all republicans need to unite against the evil of Hillary, aka Obama's third term, and though he is reluctant, the danger is so great that he will humbly take up the banner and lead them all into the breach.
Nobody gets EXACTLY what they want, but they settle for someone who isn't prerceived as completely loathsome by either wing..and hey, he IS bailing them out in a tight spot, even though he says he doesn't want the nomination. He said so himself, repeatedly. Some grumbling, but they mostly put it behind them and move on to the fall.
The notion that Ryan is also unbloodied by the primaires, as opposed to Trump and Cruz, will also be whispered in lots of ears.
Like I said, its a major reach, but have no doubt that Ryan has his eyes looking for just such an opening to emerge.
Paul Ryan has ruled out a 2016 Presidential bid

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