Monday, 18 April 2016

MUSICS: Coming soon from Ecstatic Peace Library

From 1975 to 1979, London improvisors published the most innovative artists and musicians of their generation in the magazine Musics. Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, John Zorn, David Toop, John Russell, The Feminist Improvising Group, Bob Cobbing, ICP, Val Wilmer, Annabel Nicholson, Han Bennick, Eddie Prevost, David Cunningham, Steve Beresford among many others were contributors. After forty years these journals are made available in a complete facsimile bound edition
Oh man this is good news. I used to have a complete set long since gone. Now if anyone out there could scan the five copies of Collusion for me I would be really grateful
Collusion, Issue 1, Summer 1981: NYC Rapping, Movie Music, Cuban Roots of Salsa, Milford Graves, Esquerota, Burundi Beat, Daimanda Galas
Collusion, Issue 2, Feb-Apr 1982: Paranoid Sex in 60s Soul, Beach Boys, Manson, Anger, Filming 3rd World Music, Carol Kaye, BeBop Vocals, Gracie Fields
Collusion, Issue 3, Jul-Sept 1982: Elvis, Bolan, Coltrane, Women DJs, Slim Gaillard, Boys and Rock, AMM, Lol Coxhill
Collusion, Issue 4, Feb-Apr 1983: Sun Ra, Gay Records, Gospel, Afro Pop, Rockbilly, Disney Music
Collusion, Issue 5, Sept 1983: New York City’s Disco Underground, George Clinton, Connie Francis, Tango, Western Swing, Heavy Metal, Darlene Love, Lata Mengeshkar, Novelty Records

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