Friday, 25 March 2016

Wormrot & Biquette the goat

When did you first notice she enjoyed attending the shows?
While she was here, she always loved concerts, settings with lots of people. As soon as there was someone she had never seen, she stuck up against them for an hour! And when there were lots of people, it was above all a chance to go steal a little tobacco or something else that was lying around!
What was her favorite food?
Number one: tobacco!!!! In all its forms (butts from the ashtray, lit cig in your hand....)
And more generally a little bit of all the stuff lying around. She consumed a decent amount of the bottom of pots of paint or oil drains depended on the season. She drank alcohol pretty well too, of the sort of all the bottoms of glasses of bottles of booze that people hid in another part of the barn and that she managed to root out.

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