Friday, 29 January 2016

Some other things...

Bowie: What I've learnt. Isolated vocals, acoustic guitar and bass from 'Rock'n'Roll Suicide'

Tony Visconti breaks down 'Heroes'. Bowie's lost year in L.A. and when he lived briefly in Kyoto. 'Diamond Dogs' TV adverts. Bowie's must have 25 records and his top 100 books. A thank you letter to David Bowie from a palliative care doctor. We could be antiheroes.

Here's a review and videos of James Chance's wonderful set at the Northcote Social Club the other week...and I thought Don had such impeccable taste. Woody Guthrie really didn't like Donald Trump's father. The monarch of the middlebrow. An oral history of  Wax Treatment. Jah Wobble. Bill Laswell. The early days of Jamaican dancehall. The ultimate Lee 'Scratch' Perry guide. The unsung genius of Dennis Bovell. Take The Power Back. Beyond Fela: A guide to early African electronic music.
Got to be honest that I think shame is more likely to lead to a relapse tbh. That time the US dropped four nukes on Spain. The threat of a dirty bomb. Who to blame for ISIL? Saddam's ISIL? The myth of the ISIL messaging app. So much blood-lust in their most recent video and the trouble is who gets locked out after them? Mind over martyr. The cult of the arsehole.
The other Paris. The big sleep. Russian bookjackets 1917-1942. Australia's 'abusive refugee policies'. Who let Trump get this far? The brawl begins. Insults. Burnt and the art of the dealThe Quisling establishment. I am the living example of what drones are. So how is capitalism working out for you? Good luck with that one. There is enough weirdo wildlife out here without adding exploding kangaroos to the mix
Finally, the thought of Kanye covering Bowie sounded good to me...oh well

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