Wednesday, 30 December 2015


OK I have a few Lemmy stories but my fave is yet another night when I was working in Dingwalls back in early eighties London and Lemmy was (as per) there and playing the machines and come closing time, (technically 2 but 3AM by the time all was finished) his trick usually was to borrow one of the BIG bottles of vodka that went up on the optic and the next day about 5PM - just as I was bottling from the night before - a replacement would arrive by taxi but this night he asked me what I was doing and I said I was just going back to my girlfriend's place up in Tufnell Park. now at this point I should say that Deb E who he knew was a young blonde rock chick who prob fitted in with his preferred demographic of women but whatever...anyway we had to walk I don't know half hour or 40 mins up the road and he suddenly stopped half way and offered me a couple of these black six sided large pills which I had never seen before. Fuck me! It was how I imagine adrenalin would feel injected straight into your heart with the added 'bonus' of immediate lockjaw! I couldn't speak my teeth were that clenched. But I prob walked a bit faster up the road *ahem.
Anyway getting up to Deb's place I'd forgotten that Roddy from the Specials was crashing up at our place that night. Now I'd always loved Roddy's company especially when I found out he was called Roddy Radiation because his face turned red when he drank beer!!! I also really liked his post Specials band The Tearjerkers and I still have my old denim jacket with that logo on the back, prob doesn't fit me anymore but hey ho...
Anyway on the walk we'd chatted at my instigation about hippies (as one thing I cannot stand...) and it was interesting as Hawkwind were never hippies in my book (and the amount of times I fell asleep to Space Ritual with those big mid 70's 'cans' stuck to my head. Boy did my head hurt the next day...) and there was some other stuff after asking about his dad etc...anyway get to Deb's place oh and fuck me Roddy is in tears...he'll never get back to the USA again to get great clothes again etc etc. A bit of speed in Roddy's blood and a wee bit of the vodka that suddenly appeared and oh of the best nights ever. Rock'n'roll tales, talking about this and that with all of us with the biggest smiles. I at that time had a particularly good relationship with a (some would say well dodgy but I wouldn't)) kebab place around the corner and they are STILL there come 8AM or so...and so it went on until about midday. One of my fave nights for he left Lemmy gave me the address of his flat in Notting Hill/Ladbroke Grove (wherever) and said come round anytime but it was not my stomping ground at all and besides he was nearly always round at my workplace.
He was a fugn gentleman.

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