Sunday, 1 November 2015

Val Denham: Tranart

Val's new book went on sale today.
Published by Timeless Editions - 2015 - France
29 x 29 cm - 288 pages in colours - Hardcover with hot foil
Limited to 300 copies - the first 100 copies include an unumbered and illustrated card signed by the artist.
Richly illustrated (more than 250 illustrations and photos) and oversized monograph displaying the variety of Val Denham’s different styles, techniques and subjects from her early 70’s productions till now.
What we are presenting you here is not a reprint but an entirely new book of 80% unseen art and 20% indispensable highlights from the long sold out first Val Denham book ("Dysphoria") making it an essential purchase for new- and late-comers as well as those who already have the earlier book.
It also includes new texts - an appreciation by Graham “Ideal” Duff, an inside view by Gail Denham and a spectacular 7 pages introduction by none other than Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, plus some very amusing and enlightening texts by Val herself - and archives with poems and correspondance from Genesis P-Orridge and Jhonn Balance
I would love to write a bit about Val, but I just can't think of what to say apart from that I love the paintings. Since my accident a few years ago, I have great blocks of my memory wiped out and I’m sad to say that I can't exactly even remember where we fist met and under what circumstances. That's how out of touch I am.
When I first saw Val’s paintings I was transfixed by them, like nightmarish religious iconography, and she played an important part in the Mambas imagery. She has a classical super-real painting style with a twist and a wonderful technique. I was always so sad that her cover for my "Untitled" album got stolen from the record company offices. She herself has always been such a part of her Art , she’s a real Artist whose fabulous intriguing exotic character goes hand in hand with her paintings.
Marc Almond
It was the late Great and Beautiful Geff Rushton [Jhonn Balance] who first introduced me to the work of Val Denham, back in the 1980’s… the Paintings/Drawings/Covers all seemed so familiar to me, it was as if I had known them all my life… all my «weird nightmares and beautiful dreams» coming together… It was Dalí, It was Dix, It was Ernst, It was Chagall, it was Sex, it was Fear, it was Love, it was Hate and most importantly... It was so very Catholic. I was a Virgin Prune back then and now I realise that so was Val.
'A New Form of Beauty' is a title that comes to mind… but that was then and this is now… In the words of the Irish Poet WB Yeats 'He, too, has been changed in his turn, transformed utterly, a terrible beauty is born'. Val Denham, the best is yet to come…
Gavin Friday
I've ordered mine.
You can get yours

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