Wednesday, 28 October 2015

4 Hour John Murphy Special (PBSFM 28/10/15)

A special edition of Club It To Death, where we pay tribute to John Murphy.
John left a staggering legacy with a career spanning 30 odd years. The sheer breadth of artists he worked with is truly remarkable. Few people have covered so much ground. Everything from first wave punk (News) - first wave industrial (Whitehouse, SPK) - groundbreaking post punk (Whirlywirld) - to a top 10 album (Max Q). And so much more, including: Hugo Klang, The Associates, Orchestra Of Skin And Bone, Lustmord, Browning Mummery, Nurse With Wound, Monroe's Fur, Bushpig, Slub, Jamie Fielding, Death In June, Scorpion Wind, Consumer Electronics, Zone Void, Foresta Di Ferro

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