Sunday, 16 August 2015

Word Podcasts #1 - 242

I provide this archive of the Word Podcasts as-is. I'm just a fan of the podcasts who happened to keep copies.
Download at your own risk, but they're simply MP3 files zipped into groups.
There are four groups of about 40–80 podcasts each, labelled as discs because I originally archived them on 2 DVDs.
They cover the 242 episodes which I have, chronologically from the start until the podcast ended with the magazine closure (of course, the podcasts have successfully relaunched since, but those new ones are all on iTunes).
When you click on the links, Google will probably tell you it can't preview the file, and that it can't scan for viruses either. These messages are caused by the size of the zip files, which are around 1.5 to 2Gb each. You can ignore these messages.
Permission to post these podcasts online was received from David Hepworth via Fraser Lewry.
Chris Rand
August 2015

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