Saturday, 25 July 2015

Gnod & John Doran - ​Live at Islington Mill

Recorded at live Islington Mill on 31st May 2015 as part of John Doran's month long UK tour with Arabrot. This is a unique one off Gnod improvisation along with John giving two readings from his book, Jolly Lad. The result is a dank, claustrophobic bus ride through Manchester's rain swept streets followed by a moment of complete clarity amongst the chaos.
Tesla Tapes feels this unique show had to be documented because the show and the night was special and the recording came out so flipping good.
Props to all involved.
50 cassettes, £5 each, email: for orders and info.
released 21 July 2015
Words : John Doran
Sounds : Gnod
Recorded by Gary Fox
Artwork : Rachel Goodyear
Layout : Alex Macarte
Mastered by Sam Weaver

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