Friday, 8 May 2015

Uh? (Julian Cope/Ian McCullough) - Louie Louie /Jefferson Davis (fragment) (Kirklands Liverpool July 1978)

[Pete] Wylie had joined a Dolls/Heartbreakers group called Crash Course with a new scenehead called Andy Eastwood. While Mac [Ian McCulloch] and I took turns to slag off the name of his group, Wylie invited us to support them at Kirklands.
We agreed. Until the last moment, when Mac was close to shitting out. First he was really late. Then he wouldn’t sing, he’d only play melodica. Sod it, man, I’ll bloody sing.
We did ‘Jefferson Davis’, ‘Robert Mitchum’ and ‘Louie Louie’. Mac had on a coat that Mark Smith [of The Fall] had given him. My hair was all grown-out rootsy bleached and I had a shit anorak on. I thought I looked way hip. “No way,” said Mac. “You look like Justin Hayward.” He was right. Uncool.
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