Thursday, 14 May 2015

An Interview with the Heroinhead

It's not the junkie who needs rehab; it's the world.
We need to solve the root problem of why so many take the drug road. I'm only against rehab because it blatantly doesn't work. But I'm all for people wanting to live a substance-free life. My ideal world would be one where no stimulants or substances are needed. With no ideal world, I understand why people use drugs. Our rehabs/schemes all have an angle of punishment worked into their philosophy, whereby you are going to fucking pay for your past sins ... you are going to suffer for sobriety. This isn't a treatment, it's a purging of the soul, a walk back through your own corruption and sin, a system designed to have you on your knees begging for forgiveness (and methadone). It's a punishment and the punishment doesn't work
If you've never read Shane's writings...well do yourself a favour and head over to 'Memoires of a Heroinehead'.  Settle in because you may be there for a while

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