Saturday, 28 March 2015

Submerged VS Bill Laswell - The Driven

The Driven describes the people running loose in the interior of the mental health section of the prison. "Auto-PILOT" - as fellow resident Semyon Bumagin called them. We were never sure if the Russian really had Alzheimer's, was faking in hopes of a reduced sentence, or was gaming us so well that us being unable to tell was all a part of his master plan.
Submerged - beats / synthesizers
Bill Laswell - bass guitar / bass noise
Balázs Pándi - live drums
Matt Labozza - effectron II / guitars / noise
SHVLFCE - artwork
Summoned by Submerged at Black Site Studio
Submerged vs. Bill Laswell "The Driven"
taken from the forthcoming album
After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?

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