Monday, 9 March 2015

Charlie Drake - You Never Know

UK comedian Charlie Drake (1925 - 2006) released this odd single in 1975, featuring an unexpected array of musicians including Phil Collins, Robert Fripp, Keith Tippett, Sandy Denny and Peter Gabriel, who produced and co-wrote the song! A contemporary promo sheet also lists Brian Eno as a player. An unusual aspect of the career of all involved. Phil Collins explained the recording on his website:
"It did indeed feature Robert Fripp, Percy Jones, Keith Tippett, me and Peter G. A friend of Pete's, Martin Hall wrote the song, or possibly co-wrote it with Peter, called You Never Know. Apparently Charlie Drake, who was a huge comedy star of the 50s and 60s, wanted to make a record. How he ended up with this line-up I have no idea! It seems the most obscure set of people to make a comedy record. On the day Charlie, who was quite small, turned up with a brand new denim outfit for his rock debut... it was quite touching to see him at it. Percy Jones and I were already in Brand X by then. The whole session was one of life's interesting snapshots!"

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