Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Bug Notes (Melbourne 15/3/15)

Tonite in Melbourne was messy, it was raw, dirty, tense & nasty...LOVED IT, despite and maybe because, the lying fuck of a venue owner promised the promoters, his building was 'Fully sound proofed' prior to the event, when the dude was desperate to have the show hire his venue...but then the idiot kept bringin out bigger bouncers over time, throughout the set to try and intimidate me and the promoters to turn down the volume..….which actually just added fuel to my fire...lol. (Although I gotta say I was sorry for the don dadas/show promoters Ben/Tom from ‘Echo Chamber’ who had to feel the heat and were forced to compromise somewhat…)
I made mistakes, tech probs occured, It wasn’t as overwhelmingly loud as our normal sets, it didn’t have the light assault we normally employ, YET it absolutely rocked, cause the good ppl of Melbourne that showed, gave us maximum energy…Big yourselves up indeed……It was a psychotic rollercoaster at the 'Railway Hotel' last night…we dug it, and Manga was almost literally on fire as he rinsed the mic...
Major shout to the 'Echo Chamber' crew for sortin last night's show at 4 days notice, it was an incredible effort, + cheers for fillin the house with a sick crowd & the sweetest reggae/bass/junglegrime sounds...
I guess me and Manga really did fuck up Melbourne...It was pure madness...Crowd were incredible...Max energy. Madman victory !
Hilarious that Manga saw two women literally rip off their bras and throw them in the air, whilst I saw another girl literally clinging on to the bassbins for most of the set..The people they expressed themselves proper...hahaha... Sorry it couldnt have been as intense an experience as we generally like to detonate, but actually it was still a blast..!
And yo, can the fucker that stole my shades, plz return them, as my weakass blue eyes will fry in the sunshine down under...
(Great selfie by Manga)

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