Sunday, 22 February 2015

Under The Influence (Trailer)

Forthcoming for 2015 – “Under the Influence” a brand new documentary that tells the story of Hip Hop, Soul and Reggae in the UK through the eyes of it’s music pioneers
Under The Influence is still in production, we have released the trailer to get the public's point of view and input
Please answer to following questions:
Who do you think should be interviewed?
What is your UK Hip Hop Top Ten?
Who are the biggest icons in UK Hip Hop?
What was the biggest year for UK Hip Hop?
Tell us your favourite UK Hip Hop story?
What UK Hip Hop events do you miss?
Do you own archive content from oldschool UK hip hop events that you can share with us for our documentary – video, photo, audio?
Which American artists/producers are under the influence of UK black music?
“Grime would never exist without UK Hip Hop”. True? Tell us your opinion
Which hip hop act was the first to rap in their own London accents?
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