Monday, 16 February 2015

The Sound of Young Scotland (Teaser)

Alan Horne, B.A. Robertson, Edwyn Collins & fan

'I think the worst thing that ever happened to Alan (Horne) and Paul (Quinn) was meeting' - James King

I remember that Nu Sonics/Steel Pulse gig upstairs at the Apollo and Steven Daly still owes me a bootleg from back in the days when he was at Listen after I got a cardboard display of Patti Smith's artwork promoting Easter from where he worked which pissed him off and so he said I could get a bootleg from under the counter at Listen Records. Gave him the artwork and...never got my hands on that Pistols bootleg I wanted but I've always imagined that Patti cutout in pride of place in his Vanity Fair office in New York. 

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