Friday, 13 February 2015

Richard Lloyd on 'Marquee Moon'

My part is in the right speaker. The hard part I wrote for See No Evil. No-one has duplicated it correctly. Ever.
I also play the solo on the beginning song on each side of the Vinyl. Venus I play all the melody except the solo, which is Tom. Friction I wrote the beginning part which goes through the entire song -- no songwriting credit Tom plays the leads on this one because I have to keep my part underneath...Marquee Moon is mostly Tom's but I play the harder part in the verses, and the first solo after the second verse. And the double stop trills, but Tom showed them to me. I play the lead in the choruses.
After the third verse I take over the rhythm while Tom plays the solo. This seems like a different version than the original. It's a little symphony with parts we all knew. The rise happens three time and then come the "Birdies" by Tom.
Then it starts over and ends. This IS a different version.
That's me starting Elevation with the "cupped" minor chord Am Dm Em. And the leads in the chorus with the bends. Then back to the "cupped minors" I play the solo which is double tracked. It is written exactly and I can replicate whatever I play which either Tom of Andy Johns could believe till I did it. Lots of doubling by me on the record.
I wrote the line to Guiding Light and told Tom if I didn't get songwriting credit I would not play it. So finally I got one song as a co-write. I play the solo and the melody for the last minute is 8 tracks of one melody of mine.
Tom plays the piano. I play the solos. Tom is a good pianist.
I turned the rhythm on Prove It into a calypso/reggae and play the leads in the chorus. Tom plays the solo...till the vocal returns.
Billy's timpani trick begins the next song & I play the rhythm as in Foxhole. Otherwise I have little to do with it.

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