Thursday, 28 June 2012

Eulogy to Eunice

A small fairy tale about a girl who wishes to get more rhythm and wishes to dance. When suddenly....
Music: Acid Pauli aka Martin Gretschmann
Directed by optische-bank aka Martin Carstens
Main actors: Elsa Petit & Christa Pasch

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  1. A “Dance To The Music of Times” in 2011

    When the Impossible becomes Possible
    ... The Difficult Easy,
    and The Easy Elegant.

    Elsa Petit in an entrancing, evocative and ultimatively liberating Dance to the hypnotic rhythms of Console’s Martin Gretschmann

    Director Michael Carstens captures the spellbinding transformation of a shy young woman into a wondrous dancer in a seamingly effortless, timed yet timeless masterpiece.