Sunday, 25 September 2011


Video: beheaded two members of the Sinaloa Cartel

Legalise ALL the fugn drugs NOW to stop this absolute fugn madness!!!


  1. I know there was a warning, but oh man this made me feel soooo bad. The memory will always stay with me but i am praying that the sickness and revulsion it evokes will be ameliorated by time. HEAVY SHIT!

  2. 2Mark/
    Yeah...get the feeling that the killers were military tho? Let's end this madness now!

  3. Good god!!Whn will this madness stop??Please america take action.

  4. 2Ano/
    First comment that I am publishing for a long time...
    It will stop when A) Americans stop taking drugs or B/ When ALL drugs are legalised. Here in Australia there was a call last week to look at changing the laws as prohibition is SO patently not working. The debate lasted as long as it takes to smoke a joint...

    Now there have been a number of comments that I haven't published - all along the lines of 'they got what they deserved' and most funnily enough from Americans...
    I will just take a moment to reply to the one from Phoenix (I really hope you are subscribed to comments)
    Firstly your compassion comes shining through in your comment. Bet you identify as a believer in the imaginary man in the clouds.
    No one of your acquaintance has ever smoked a joint or done a line? As long as man has been
    around, man has been trying to fuck up his head. Alcohol prohibition didn't work and produced the likes of Al Capone and this is NO different. Take the drug trade out of the hands of criminals and legalise it. It's not true to think that suddenly everyone will be out of their heads as dope is freely available. When I lived in Holland in the early eighties the percentage of Dutch kids who smoked (where it was legal) was considerably lower than your country's percentage... and do you actually know someone who has been forced to take drugs...discounting alcohol of course!!!
    Finally the unfortunate men in the video are someone's sons, husbands, fathers and your callous remarks really piss me off...
    Anyways being from AZ you could volunteer for Sheriff Joe's Department and get to drive a tank and run over a few chickens!!!
    Have A Nice Life Asshole!

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