Monday, 30 May 2011

North Korea's happiness index rank: China top, US bottom

A Chinese media,, reported on Thursday that North Korea's Chosun Central TV recently released the survey result of a 'Happiness Index (Gross National Happiness) of each nation,' which was conducted in North Korea.
According to the index, the happiest country in the world is China and North Korea is ranked no. 2. Interestingly, South Korea is ranked No.152 and the U.S. ranks last at No.203. sarcastically commented that "North Korea gladly gave the no. 1 spot to China and North Korea itself ranked no. 2. North Korea must be the happiest country in the universe."
China scored 100 points and was selected as the country where the happiest people live in and North Korea with 98 points, ranked at no. 2.
The top five rankings include Cuba (no. 3, 93 points), Iran (no.4, 88 points), and Venezuela (no.5, 85 points). South Korea, with 18 points, was placed at no.152 and the U.S. ranked no. 203 with its score not marked.
Free North Korea Broadcast, a South Korea based broadcast, commented that the North Koreans who are completely brainwashed, repeatedly proclaim "We are the happiest people in the world. I will trust ‘the General’ and always follow him only."
Some readers said the ranking is wrong as it seems to survey only those people who do not know the world. Therefore, precisely speaking, the happiness index of North Korea should be not no. 2 but no. 1 in their survey. Some even commented that the those who voted were not the common people but those who held power and authority in the government of North Korea.
Many Chinese have voiced their comments on the survey. Some of them include:
This happiness index refers to the government officials' happiness index in every country. - Leshanman
I seriously doubt on the authenticity of this rank and the IQ of the North Korean people. - taiyangfan
It's a good joke! - zengfugui
(China)is the first? Maybe it means the last? Why USA ranks 203? - bond99
Hehe, Talk sheer nonsense ... - xiaoxia
There is a minus before the rank number. It's actually - 100. - yueselansha
Kim Jong Il is a real sycophant today. - baimaojin
@'International Business Times'


  1. It sounds as though the Borg has absorbed China, N. Korea, Iran, etc. and is using the internet to spread its propaganda.

  2. 2Ano/
    US may be bottom, but where wld the Borg rank Texas my friend?