Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Cumbia Cosmonauts - Scattermusic Radio Poidcast

"I’ve been hanging out for this one for a while now and if you’ve seen the Cumbia Cosmonauts super heavy live show you’d understand why. With so much of the club music right now being crowded, intensely compressed and generally over the top, it’s so good to hear anything this spacious that’s still full of energy. The attention to detail here is also of the hook with every track being completely remixed to the point where you could safely call it an album of versions. But this really is only just the beginning for this unruly cohort of cumbia hustlers as they’re currently putting the finishing touches to a truly dope EP and European tour for later this year. Don’t sleep."

direct download link
(left click to play, right click to download)

The Cumbia Cosmonauts are producers Thomas Campbell a.k.a.Soup (mix, fx, dubbing, scratch, guitar) and Moses Iten a.k.a. saca la mois DJ!! (vox, lasers, fx, samples). They are most frequently joined on stage by the explosive talents of Carlos Parraga (accordion, percussion, casio), Richard Burns (trumpet, melodica, casio), Gustavo Moreno (percussion, Thomas Mitchell (percussion), and Tobi Armbruster (VJ visuals).



  1. This sounds interesting. It was a bit of a tag-team there but I am gonna have to crash (after yet another all nighter!)
    Catch you later/