Friday, 28 May 2010

Robert Johnson's King of the Delta Blues Singers (speed-corrected)

Some time ago I posted Robert Johnson's King of the Delta Blues Singers.
The next day I received the following comment;
Moos - it's widely agreed now that all of Johnson's 78s were speeded up. If you've some means of slowing the LP down - like a direct drive turntable - you'll suddenly find yourself listening to a sexy young black guy with a cool guitar sound - less of paranoid gabbler, more of a human being.
Le Grand Maître.
Well, Grand Maître, here it is, I had to gamble a bit how much to slow it down. My Technics turntable helped me finding a suitable speed and I guess this must be it more or less. I totally agree with the slower version.

1 Crossroads blues
2 Terraplane blues
3 Come on in my kitchen
4 Walking blues
5 Last fair deal gone down
6 32-20 blues
7 Kindhearted woman blues
8 If I had posession over judgment day
9 Preaching blues
10 When you got a good friend
11 Rambling on my mind
12 Stones in my passway
13 Traveling riverside blues
14 Mikcow's calf blues
15 Me and the devil blues
16 Hellhound on my trail

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