Wednesday, 30 December 2009

On U Sound update from Adrian Sherwood's MySpace page

GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES FOR A HEALTHY 2010 Released in January (at long last) is AFRICAN HEADCHARGE ... "ViSION OF A PSYCHEDELIC AFRICA" onucd distributed via Cargo uk, available now>>> Also available Jan,2010 is IAN KING -"PANIC GRASS AND FEVER FEW". this is an ONU Production released on the Fledg'ling record label. This is a unique English folk album and we are very proud of it>>> Due for imminent release is ... "DUBSETTER" by LEE"Scratch"PERRY and ADRIAN SHERWOOD.This is a new Dub album from The Upsetter and myself and it will be on vinyl and cd (late March)... "THE MIGHTY UPSETTER" will also be made available on vinyl at the same time>>> Just completed and mastered is an album by singer/songwriter/artist JEB LOY NICHOLS -"LONG TIME TRAVELLER" this is truly wonderful and features live rhythms recorded during last summer and classic re modelled ONU/Radics/Dub Syndicate rhythms>>> DUE ( long overdue, soon come) is "THE ROYAL VARIETY SHOW" (the best of..) DUB SYNDICATE a double cd of pure gems>>> Currently in production and scheduled for release hopefully before the summer is, "DUB ... NO FRONTIERS" this is a true epic . It is a fresh and original 16 track double vinyl/cd release of all women vocalists from around the world , all singing in non English it is a labor of love and is becoming one of my proudest productions it features vocals in Chinese,German,Arabic,Eritrean,Italian,Polish,Samoan,French, Japanese,Russian and more in progress.>>> "Suck on this planet of noise" Currently in production and well underway is "LET THE ROBOTS MELT" - ONUSOUNDSYSTEM featuring Primal Scream w.Lee Perry,Dennis Bovel,Pempy,John McClure,Carl Barat,Mark Stewart,Deeder Zaman,New Age Steppers and more,a truly wonderful sheet of noise "Listen up real close now">>> Also currently in production for a 2010 release is a new NEW AGE STEPPERS album (the first for 25 years !) Recordings were done in Jamaica last year and hopefully it will be finished soon>>> also well underway is, "CRISPY HORNS MEET ROOTS RADICS AND DUB SYNDICATE" a classic new dub/horns album>>> Also work is well underway on GHETTO PRIEST - "SACRED GROUND" this is the Onu follow up to "Vulture Culture" the debut Priest album from a few seasons back.GP returns on ONU with a slamming new set ! >>> And also DEEDER ZAMAN brand new album from the original Asian Dub Foundation front man. and also SKIP "Little Axe"McDONALD a brand new authentic collision of Blues meets Dub live rhythms with Style Scott and the crew with Skip on Dobro in true Blues National style this is well underway and sounding "proper" >>> Also in our studio (and their own) LSK is working on new tracks BROTHER CULTURE has voiced new tracks and also my daughter DENISE SHERWOOD is producing herself {and sometimes with dad and other "family"} check her on her myspace >>> DECEMBER 2010 MARKS 30 YEARS SINCE THE RELEASE OF the 7' single "FADE AWAY" by NEW AGE STEPPERS cw "Learn a Language" by LONDON UNDERGROUND - However early 1981 saw ONU SOUND's first album releases, so we are planning to put on events all round the world throughout 2011 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the label. we will also issue a box set with music dvds , a book and many other goodies so hopefully after such a long wait,for those intersted there will be lots of things to buy (or copy) and lots of live shows to catch. Also a new Adrian Sherwood album will be released 2011 >>> Thanks for all the positive messages and its good to make contact with so many old and new friends
Best wishes

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