Monday, 28 December 2009

Basij Commander Ordering Guards to Beat Demonstrators

" Pouya, Sadegh (names)"
"Hi- Where are you" "Beat them"
"Enghelab Ave. - Vali Asr Ave....Go there and beat them"
"These Foreigners have gone there to demonstrate, beat them silly, tear them apart, push them toward north, there more Basiji there to beat them"
"Very fast, dont waste time"

"Jalil (name) go to Enghelab Ave. fast and beat them up"
"Listen, beat and tear them apart, break their legs, god would like that"
"Mohammad - Sadegh - Jalil (Names)"
"Go to east side, about 350 people are gathering there, beat them hard, tear the bodies apart, all of them, send them all to Kahrizak,(the famous prison which beat, turture and rape many prisoners in north of Teharn)"
"Hello Ahmad(name) I can't hear you, yes yes, good news I hope"
"You go ahead and tear them apart, I will take the blame, don't worry, do it right now"
"There are 8 to 10 old ladies there, beat them up and clean them up"
"From Enghelab Ave. downward, send small group there"
"Emad - Sadegh (names), do them real fast, beat them and wait for my order there"
"Emad 2, Emad 2 (name) where are you?...They have attacked the fire department (People) , they have burnt their fir cars, get there fast and stop them, you all wait there and be alarm, wait for my order"
@'Why We Protest'

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