Tuesday, 24 November 2009


A US sailor has been cleared of rape in a Sydney brothel...
Pety Officer Timothy Davies denied forcing himself on the woman, saying that he had only wanted his money back.
The 25 year old  had admitted that he used a 'lock down manoeuvre' on the woman.
The woman told the court that she had protected consensual sex with the 'customer' who had been told the house rules that a condom must be worn 'at all times'.
He became aggressive when she offered alternative services after the sailor, who had been drinking, could not complete the sex act before his half hour was up. She said he ripped his condom off., telling her that he paid for sex and he was going to finish it 'like a real man'.
The woman said that he pushed her head into the pillow, started suffocating her and had unprotected sex for 30 seconds.
The jury was shown police photos depicting scratches on the woman, who described Mr Davis as an 'animal during an angry outburst at the trial.
The sailor admitted using a 'lock down manoeuvre' to pin the woman to the bed when she said that she wanted to stop.
@'The Australian' 

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