Sunday, 22 November 2009

Foton's 'Instant Present' Mix

It´s not a big secret that without dub there would have been - amongst other things - no drum´n´bass, no remix culture and no techno music.
The last years saw the latter returning to production techniques of the first: the heavy usage of reverbs, echoes and phasers alongside four-on-the-floor beats even made a new sub-genre of techno, called dub techno, emerge.
The label pushing this sound the hardest probably is Thinner from Germany:
… select an available release from the extensive Thinner discography and there’s a very high probability that the sounds on that album can be broadly described as “dub-inspired” i.e. some permutation of a fusion of dub with house, techno, or even ambient music. it’s also quite possible that the album could be further redefined as belonging to the sound departments of either “dubby techhouse“ or “intelligent dub” …
One of Thinner´s artists is Das Kraftfuttermischwerk. Recently, they posted a link to a dope mix from Foton
01. Basic Channel – Round Four
02. Chet – Urban Dharma
03. Maurizio – M5
04. Quantec – Hidden Persuasion
05. Basic Channel – Round Three w/ Paul st Hilaire
06. Fluxion – Inductance
07. Deadbeat – Abu Ghraib
08. Jorge Gebauhr – Strange Fruits
09. Mildiou – De Natura Rerum
10. Substance – Relish Shed remix
11. Marko Fuerstenberg – Far Out
12. Lowtec Sound System – Stella Polaris
13. Marko Fuerstenberg– Site 312
14. Basic Channel – Phylysptrakit
15. Luke Hess
16. Cv313 – Dimensional Space

Download Foton´s “Instant Present” mix


  1. Dub. Yes, yes, yes. Be careful, you may never leave. ;-)

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  3. seems that you have Das Kraftfuttermischwerk on your radar as well now...

    indeed, great blog with lots of great posts there, but to correct you, the Foton post there is about four weeks old.

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    Didn't but have now!
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