Saturday, 31 October 2009

Strangers Family Band EP

Formed in Orlando, FL in the summer of 2007, Strangers Family Band--a five-piece consisting of members in their early twenties--gained recognition and a following from their intense live shows and unique take on psychedelia. The experience transports the listener from ominous vaudevillian progressions ('Beware The Autumn People') to ukulele strummed pop a'la Sgt. Pepper ('No One Sees Her') to North Indian raga-influenced drone ('Strange Transmission') like an uninterrupted stream of consciousness. A full sensory experience is characteristic of their live performances, which include cascading oil and water projections and the frequent accompaniment of a horn section. The influence of Ashbury-Haight's acid rock, NYC's Factory heyday, and the British psych explosion are evident in their sound. These comparisons do not hold the band down to the limitations of throw-back 'retrodelia' however; instead, the band expounds upon the influence of its predecessors, establishing themselves as new, modern innovators rather than mere revisionists. Comparisons to Syd Barrett, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, The Doors, and the Beatles have been made as reference points. They have also been compared to The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, and The Entrance Band.
Girl I've Been Taken 04:23
Wooden Hands 03:55
No One Sees Her 04:28
Strange Transmission 07:03
Tangerine 01:58
Beware The Autumn People 04:43
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