Saturday, 25 July 2009

White House bans Twitter

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs mentioned casually to CNN today that Twitter is blocked on official White House computers. Gibbs clearly doesn't appreciate the value that can be derived from the innovative social network; he jokes about it is a tool for personal exhibitionism. Many readers here will no doubt recognize that there's a whole lot more that can be done with the service than that. This is from the same administration that won't let its employees at the State Department use Firefox, though, so perhaps nothing is surprising. The Twitter admission by Gibbs was excerpted in a video embedded above, originally reported by Andrew Malcolm of the LA Times.

Full story @ 'Read Write Web'

It being easier for an administrator to impose universal secure settings on 'Internet Explorer' I do understand not using 'Firefox' but Twitter?

(Thanx to Carolyn)

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