Monday, 27 July 2009

Bing Hitler, I love you!

Bing Hitler @ The Last Laugh, Melbourne 1988.
(c) ABC

I was actually at this gig and recorded it. Unfortunately I was laughing SO much that that is all you hear on the tape...Oh well!
"I went tae join the explorer's club. I couldnae find it!"


  1. OMF(ing)G. He's so right. Damn, he's right! Let's have a moment of silence to honor Craig Ferguson (and/or his writers). iThink I have to send this to everyone iKnow.

  2. Yeah/...of course it is true...I have a tape somewhere of Bing Hitler AKA CF live out here and all you can hear is me laughing non stop! What amuses me in this clip is that the audience thinks it is a joke!
    PS: What would I do without yr comments Yotte?

  3. "What would I do without yr comments Yotte?"

    ...wait for mine;-)

    great vid!!