Monday, 16 February 2009

The way it was


  1. That is just so wrong.

    Here's another wrong thing: me laughing when seeing your post about the fires. Your fault though.

    Victorian Bush Fires? Oh!What that congers.

    I suggest changing it to Victorian Brush Fires.

    Please blog responsibly.

  2. Not very funny considering how many people died, but then I never found Zappa funny either (the,endless infantile jokes about genitals in particular).
    Go here for definition of the bush.
    Maybe you folk in California leave lots of 'brooms' out in the countryside!
    Yours responsibly

  3. I knew it was a dangerous comment when I made it, so I suppose I deserve your response. I was attempting humor based solely on the phrase, and certainly not with any connection to the reality of what it represented.

    I am aware of the Australian bush, and actually agree with you regarding much of Zappa's puerile lyrics; my brilliant biography, of course, being an exception.

    Anyway, apologies mate, I stand corrected.

  4. Sorry if I seemed unreasonable and thank you for being man enough to apologise. Smegger perchance?

  5. Not getting the "smegger" reference in this context.

    Thought of my initial offending comment when I saw this:

    C = thin indeed.

  6. S''s an online community that I belong to that I thought that perhaps you were also part of (and that was how you had found my blog).